1. Wow. it sounds like 2011 was a really rocky year. I’m so happy that 2012 was the uphill turn you needed and deserved it to be. I should probably start evaluating my actual progress on my 2012 resolutions. I’m pretty convinced, there’s no way I can make-up all the slacking I did in the middle of the year, and I’m mentally already looking towards 2013.

  2. Hannah

    I’m really sad that you aren’t going to continue podcasting, because you are super good at it, but I do understand. I’m glad that your podcast led me to your blog, because you are a wonderful writer. I’m really sorry that this year has been so hard for you, but I am happy that it is turning around :-) May 2013 be the best year yet!

    • Susan_Cardoza

      Thanks Hannah! All my podcasting accounts are still set up, just in case I change my mind, but I think writing about knitting is where I’ll stay for now. :)

  3. Throughout my life, I’ve had a few challenging times. While it was tough, I stubbornly plodded onward, and things eventually became better. It’s nice that things are brighter for you.

    It looks like you’ve accomplished a lot on your list. Spinning is something I want to learn in 2013.

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